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November 09, 2010


Amanda F

So happy to know i'm not the only one yelling obscenities in my car because i forgot something. Safe to say, it all goes back, mostly. Its taken me close to 3 years to fit back into my "butt finally looks decent, and the muffin top is gone" jeans. Regardless, LMFAO... Love how you put the exact thoughts into such entertaining words. Hope to see ya soon gorgeous!


Wonderful. Hilarious, brilliant. xo

Kristina F

You're briliant. I love you.

Kristina F

Brilliant! With two "l"s even.

Karen Propis

Love the writing, wit and humor. You go girl. Everything HAS changed. Enjoy every minute and embrace the change.

Bobbi F

Alexis, you nailed it!! I actually laughed out loud!

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