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August 20, 2010


Stephanie lambert (Kate, 4 mos)

In addition, you should mention how your back is absolutely ruined because all you do is pick up the baby, put the baby down, in the car seat ( if you're lucky to make it out only after brushing your teeth!), out of the car seat, get the stroller out, put the baby in...then when you're out somewhere it's fifty f-ing questions about your baby "is it a boy or girl? " oh let me see the baby!", "what's it's name??" , "how old is it?"...and in response you just want to say " listen, it took me 9 f-ing hours to get out to the grocery store and I only needed milk! Not to mention I don't have time for questions because my baby has just shit it's pants and I only have 15 min to get home for another feeding!" I usually don't engage people that can't appreciate the parental clock, I hear ya!!! Always remind yourself, being a mother is a job! Our society does not associate caregiving as meaningful work because it's unpaid work, but many countries/societies do. You're working your ass off in ways you never thought possible, a paying job seems like a dream! Thinking of you!

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